When organising any kind of event, the first question you ask yourself is: where to start?

So, when young engaged couples want to organise their wedding alone, they are plagued with questions and doubts. "You think I should start looking for my dress?"; "Who should we get for the caterer?"; "With or without a photographer?"; "Damn, but first we have to choose a venue!

To avoid getting lost in a sea of information, it is important to do things in order and without rushing.

This is why, before looking for a caterer, venue, dress, DJ or florist, it is important that you take the time to assess your desires and priorities. Indeed, each couple does not attach the same importance to the different services for their wedding. Some will focus on a majestic venue, others on a high quality caterer, a breathtaking decoration or a renowned music group. It is up to you to see what you really want to prioritise in order to create a wedding that suits you and your desires.

Once you have clarified this, you need to think about how many people you want to invite. The number of guests can help you to target criteria for the choice of your venue and to clarify your budget. The budget is a very important step that should be established before you start the first preparations.

Once you have thought about, discussed and clarified all of these points, you can begin your wedding preparations by selecting venues according to your list of criteria.

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